Veolia Water Technologies Canada

Corporate Headquarters
4105 Sartelon
St-Laurent, QC
H4S 2B3

T. (514) 334-7230
F. (514) 334-5070

Ontario Office
2000 Argentia Road
Plaza IV, Suite 430
Mississauga, ON
L5N 1W1

T. (905) 286-4846
F. (905) 286-0488

British Columbia Office
3138 Brookridge Drive,
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 3A8

T. (604) 562-0301

Our Health & Safety Commitment

The safety of our employees, clients and partners is our primary concern. We regard the promotion of Health & Safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels of our organization.

As a leader in the industry, Veolia Water Technologies Canada Inc. is committed to safety. It is our intention to maintain the safest possible working environment for all of our employees through our vision and values.

Customer Focus

Customers must be aware of our commitment to safety and security. We must meet our customer's safety requirements.


Each employer's commitment to safety is an integral part of his/her job and will be a measured factor in their performance.

Technical Excellence and Innovation

Through technical excellence and safety innovation our employees are empowered to control or eliminate hazards or other exposures and to prevent illness or injury.


All employees have the right - and responsibility - to immediately report unsafe or non-compliant conditions, acts or practices.


Through continued safety training, our employees have a clear understanding of our safety policies and procedures. This enables each employee to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions and hazards.

Personal Recognition

Those employees who have achieved outstanding safety performance are recognized.

Cohesion from Diversity

Contribution to the promotion of safety across business units will lead to the cohesion of diversity within the company, our employees and our customers.

An uncompromising commitment to safety in action is the key to achieving our missions and goals.

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