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CSO Stormwater Management

John Meunier Inc. through its HYDROVEX® product line, has developed a strong expertise in stormwater management, Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) pollution abatement.

With nearly 30 years of experience, John Meunier Inc. has developed a strong expertise in stormwater management and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) pollution abatement.

The HYDROVEX®line of wet weather technologies offers a wide range of sustainable, efficient and high quality solutions, for:

  • Flow control for stormwater runoff
  • Flow control for combined and sanitary flows
  • Level control in collection systems
  • Floatables control
  • Off-line or in-line retention and treatment

More than 10,000 installations across North America

Flow Control  

Without energy, no moving parts

Hydrovex® FluidGate Valve

Hydrovex® FluidHook Valve 

Hydrovex® VHV/SVHV Vortex Flow Regulator 

Hydrovex® Pond Vortex Flow Regulator

Hydrovex® IHV Euro Type Vortex Flow Regulator

Hydrovex® IHV/HHV Vortex Flow Regulator

Thirsty Duck® Floating Outlets and Skimmers for flow control

Without energy, with moving parts

Hydrovex®Turbo Flow Regulator 

Hydrovex® FluidMoon Adjustable Gate Regulator

Hydrovex® FluidCasca Float Gate Valve 

Powered Flow Control

Hydrovex® HHV-E Regulator

Hydrovex® FluidMid Flow Metering with Siphon (Type G) 

Hydrovex® FluidMid Flow Metering without Siphon (Type U)

Flow measurement 

Hydrovex® Tipper Flow Measuring 

Check Valves 

Hydrovex® CCV  

Hydrovex® LCV 

Membrane Regulator 

Hydrovex® TTT


CSO Storage & Treatment  

Vortex Separator

Hydrovex® Fluidsep 

Sediment Flusher

Hydrovex® SFT 

Self Regulating Outlet Slit

Hydrovex® Clari

Overflow Control  

Overflow Weir Profile

Hydrovex® FluidWing 

Bending Weir

Hydrovex® BW 

Spring-Loaded Weir 

Hydrovex® Flap 

Air Regulated Siphon

Hydrovex® ARS 


Oscillating Static Screen 

Hydrovex® Fluidscreen

Storm Overflow Screen 

Rotarc® SOS

Low Profile Overflow Screen


Rotary Drum Sieve 

Hydrovex® RDS

Overflow Screen