Veolia Water Technologies Canada

Corporate Headquarters
4105 Sartelon
St-Laurent, QC
H4S 2B3

T. (514) 334-7230
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Ontario Office
2000 Argentia Road
Plaza IV, Suite 430
Mississauga, ON
L5N 1W1

T. (905) 286-4846
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British Columbia Office
3138 Brookridge Drive,
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 3A8

T. (604) 562-0301

Sustainable Development

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies enables municipal and industrial clients to grow sustainably: to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Among the many ways we measure and improve environmental and economic performance:

Recognizing the value of water

  • Our Water Impact Index measures human impact on water volume, resource stress and quality, enabling better informed water management decisions.
  • Our extensive experience implementing innovative volume reduction and zero liquid discharge solutions helps industrials reduce costs and meet stringent regulations.
  • Water cycle management innovations include radar based flow-forecasting to manage wastewater treatment systems.
  • Our extensive portfolio of technologies includes several proven alternatives for recycle and reuse applications covering clarification, filtration, membranes, biological treatment, evaporation, granular activated carbon and UV.

Saving energy, producing energy

  • Our AMONIT® sludge aeration control system reduces energy consumption up to 20%.
  • Biothane® UASB and Biobed® EGSB are world-leading technologies for enhanced production of biogas, a renewable energy source easily convertible into electricity.
  • Superior Tuning and Control (STAC) technology cuts biological treatment plant energy consumption by 10 to 30% and reduces effluent soluble nitrogen.

Full sustainability in action!


The Veolia-built Marquette-lez-Lille wastewater treatment plant:

  • meets growing community needs
  • low carbon footprint
  • reduced noise and odors
  • biogas production
  • promotes urban bio-diversity
  • re-training and qualifying for employees

Bottom line impacts

  • Reducing carbon and water footprints optimizes costs and minimizes financial and environmental risks.
  • New valuable byproducts, such as wastewater-produced bioplastics, balance economics with environmental stewardship.
  • OPUS™ water reclamation technology allowed Chevron to meet its water needs with recycled water, enabling its San Ardo oil field development to progress in California.


Our social responsibility commitment is reflected in our employee training and development investment and a laser focus on protecting health and safety.

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VWS message concerning sustainable development

VWS actively pursues a strategy to deliver environmentally conscious and innovative water technologies and solutions, meeting the diverse needs of both municipalities and industry.

We offer our customers integrated water solutions which include resource-efficient technology to improve operations, reduce costs, decrease dependency on limited resources, and comply with current and anticipated regulations. Veolia's annual R&D budget is estimated at 150 Million € with a focus for the Water division on delivering neutral or positive energy solutions, migrating toward green chemicals and water-footprint-efficient technologies with high recovery rates.

Our carbon footprint reduction program drives innovation, accelerates adoption and development of clean technologies for water treatment, and offers our customers sustainable solutions.

Carbon footprint methodology is now well established, but how we quantify the water consumption associated with our business activities, products and services is less so. Our colleagues at Veolia Water in North America have as such unveiled the Water Impact Index, the first indicator enabling a comprehensive assessment of the impact of human activity on water resources.