Veolia Water Technologies Canada

Corporate Headquarters
4105 Sartelon
St-Laurent, QC
H4S 2B3

T. (514) 334-7230
F. (514) 334-5070

Ontario Office
2000 Argentia Road
Plaza IV, Suite 430
Mississauga, ON
L5N 1W1

T. (905) 286-4846
F. (905) 286-0488

British Columbia Office
3138 Brookridge Drive,
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 3A8

T. (604) 562-0301

Energy Management

We deliver energy-efficient water treatment services to clients and implements energy neutral / energy positive strategies.

Our responsible solutions lower energy consumption and reduce GHG emissions. We createvalue through production of biogas and renewable energy.

Sludge power

Energy-producing wastewater treatment plants are the future. Veolia solutions optimize energy consumption and maximize gas production at wastewater treatment plants.

Anaerobic digestion is a proven way to produce biogas, a renewable energy source easily convertible into electricity. Combined with advanced technologies such as thermal hydrolysis (Exelys, Biothelys) or co-digestion, we offer clients energy neutral wastewater treatment plants... today!

Veolia designed and built a closed-loop water treatment system for Diageo that generates biogas, supplying up to 60% of the fuel source for the company's distiller boilers and eliminating landfill and ocean disposal costs.

Key technologies

Sludge treatment and biogas production unit

Key technologies to optimize energy management in water treatment:

  • Our BioCon® sludge thermal drying process generates inexpensive renewable energy and biosolids ready for land application.
  • Our Exelys thermal hydrolysis process maximizes biogas and electricity production while minimizing sludge volumes.
  • Our AMONIT™ sludge aeration control system reduces energy consumption up to 20%.
  • STAR - a superior online control system cuts biological treatment plant energy consumption by as much as 30% - and reduces effluent soluble nitrogen.
  • Our small-footprint ANITA™ Mox process consumes 60% less energy than traditional nitrification processes.
  • Our Eolia™ tool helps define best energy options.
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