A research partnership to enhance water treatement and final water quality for pulp & paper mills.

Montreal, QC, November 8, 2006Paprican, the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, John Meunier Inc., and Anjou Recherche have reached an agreement to develop innovative new wastewater improvement technologies which will benefit the pulp and paper industry.

Environmental concerns about water use in the industry have long been a focus for Paprican. By this agreement, the expertise of John Meunier and Anjou Recherche in water pollution control and in water and wastewater treatment technologies is added to Paprican's extensive knowledge and understanding of pulp and paper streams, existing treatment systems and receiving water effects.

Based on regulatory Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) studies, pulp and paper mill effluents in receiving waters have been implicated as a cause of endocrine disruption in aquatic organisms and in nutrient enrichment. Paprican has begun research to help the industry minimize such effluent-related effects. In this partnership with John Meunier Inc., an affiliate of Veolia Water, Solutions and Technologies, the world's leading water services company, and Anjou Recherche, one of Veolia's research centres in France, this work will advance more rapidly, generating early benefits for the pulp and paper industry, and for other industries including municipal water treatment plants.

Chris Kanters, Paprican's Director, Contracts, Patents & Licensing, sees this agreement as a very positive development. "In all Canadian mills discharging effluents, EEM studies are currently required every three years. In future, if these studies continue to show effluent-related effects, the industry will be required to minimize these effects. Paprican intends to be ready to assist the industry by being at the forefront of developing technological solutions. This agreement means that our efforts will be further reinforced by the global expertise of John Meunier Inc. and Veolia Water."

Comments Alain Gadbois, John Meunier's Vice-President, Technology "Endocrine disruption and nutrient management are key emerging issues in wastewater treatment in more than the pulp and paper industry. We see this agreement as a major step forward in helping the P&P industry but also other industries that use water and need to return it to the receiving waters in as good a condition as is possible. We look forward to working on this challenge with our Paprican colleagues."

About Paprican

Paprican, the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, is a leading not-for-profit research and technology institute that provides valuable technology transfer and cost-competitive research addressing both the short-term and strategic needs of its Members. Its research programs are driven by the high-priority technical issues of the industry such as product quality and value, cost competitiveness, environment and sustainability. Internationally recognized for excellence, Paprican operates laboratories in Quebec and British Columbia, and is well positioned to offer services to the global pulp and paper industry.

About John Meunier inc.

Operating in the environmental industry, John Meunier inc. develops, designs, manufactures, and installs technologies, equipment and services covering the entire treatment cycle of process water, waste water and drinking water. Its customers include municipalities, industries and institutions throughout Canada, but also in the U.S. and Mexico. Established in 1948, the company has always been in the forefront of water treatment and management. The company is allied with Veolia Water.

About Anjou Recherche

Based in Maisons-Lafitte just outside of Paris, Anjou Recherche is the research centre dedicated to water for Veolia Environment. Opened in 1983, it currently employs 150 researchers with a focus on production and distribution of drinking water, and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. The centre has been recognized by the European Commission as a Centre of Excellence Marie Curie in several areas.

For more information:
Paprican: Chris Kanters, Director of Contracts, Patents, and Licensing, 514-630-4114, ckanters@paprican.ca

John Meunier Inc.: Alain Gadbois, Vice President, Technology, 514-334-7230,agadbois@johnmeunier.com

Anjou Recherche: Hervé Suty, Director, Research Centre, 33 1 34 93 31 28, mailto:herve.suty@veolia.com