HPD to Supply Chloride Removal System to Weyerhaeuser Campti, LA Mill

For Immediate Release

Plainfield, Illin., Nov. 9, 2006 - Weyerhaeuser has selected HPD to supply a new Chloride Removal Process (CRP) system as part of an installation of a new recovery boiler at their Campti, LA mill.

The CRP system, a proprietary crystallization process from HPD, decreases concentration of chloride and potassium in the recovery cycle that become enriched in flue gas dust. Chloride and potassium, if left untreated, accumulate in the process and often lead to fouling of the recovery boiler, which can lead to corrosion and inefficient boiler operations. The Chloride Removal Process allows removal of these elements with efficient recovery of process chemicals such as sodium and sulfate. Savings in operating costs are realized through a reduction in chemical makeup costs that are associated with the dumping of precipitator ash as a means of removal.

The new system will be integrated into the existing recovery area at the Campti Mill. HPD will provide design, engineering and major equipment supply involved with the Chloride Removal Process.

Incorporated in 1900, Weyerhaeuser is an international forest products company with nearly 50,000 employees in 18 countries, mostly in the United States and Canada. Their diverse businesses touch nearly every aspect of the forest products industry, from growing and harvesting trees to producing pulp, paper, packaging, building products and homes.